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Your Health Defender is committed to providing you with the facts you need to safeguard and improve your health! From nutrition derived from food to supplements and absorption, as well as ways our government impacts our health choices, we are here as a trusted source.

The Importance of Movement.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) states that inactivity is the fourth biggest killer of adults in the world. Let’s face it. Our bodies are made to move, not to sit for hours on end! Unfortunately though, between work, school, and commuting, the majority of us have to sit a good portion of our days. Although some professions require more movement, the large majority of us are simply not moving enough.  As you read on, know that my goal is to give you way more reasons to get moving than to sit – sit – sit.  

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Theresa AuCoin, Your Health Defender, is a trusted source for nutritional information. Before you begin to understand issues like gluten sensitivity, the nightshade family of vegetables and a host of other topics she can shed light on, get to know her. Learn about her passion and commitment to making an impact in as many lives as possible.

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