Mamas-to-be, fathers-to-be, and baby product researchers alike; you’re in the right place. I want to talk to you about the safest baby products of 2021 and how to choose the best baby products in terms of quality and safety.

I can only imagine how much more often you find yourself checking the ingredients label now that you’re either dreaming of or expecting a sweet, little addition to your family. Thinking about babies reminds us of the importance of what we put in our bodies, and ultimately theirs.

I want you to be armed with the knowledge to make intentional decisions when it comes to purchasing the best products, so let’s dive right in!

These are handpicked and the best baby products around.

Bamboo Diapers

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

At the very top of the safe baby product guide are DYPER Bamboo Baby Diapers at $17.00 a package. DYPER composts returned soiled diapers through their eco-friendly “REDYPER” service. Be sure to also check out their bamboo baby wipes here.)

Quality & Safety: Bamboo diapers are free of latex, chlorine, lotions, alcohol, and phthalates and are unscented, extremely absorbent, and as soft as a baby’s bottom. Pun intended.

Organic Lounger

Your baby is going to want to find the perfect spot to battle off all of their tiredness after a long day of napping, exploring, eating, and, let’s face it: crying.

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

This Snuggle Me Organic Assembled Lounger is priced at $156.00 and is one of the best baby products on the market.

Quality & Safety: Its organic cotton cover snuggles your mini-me on all sides, creating the best kind of coziness they desire.


Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

This Bumbleride Indie All-Terrain Stroller, priced at $589, is extra fantastic because Bumbleride works hard to create products that minimize environmental impact and harmful chemicals.

Quality & Safety: The Indie is a crowd favorite that boasts great suspension, eco-friendly fabrics, and top-notch maneuverability which makes it easy to give it an official Your Health Defender stamp of approval. When it comes to quality baby products, Bumbleride definitely knows what it’s doing.

Baby Wrap

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

I can’t help loving this Solly Baby Wrap, priced at $65. The fabric has a soft-like-butter feel and is made of pulp from Austrian beechwood trees and eco-friendly dyes.

Quality & Safety: Unlike other wraps on the market, the clean and simple design of the Solly makes it easy for moms and dads to use. Aside from that, it’s an incredibly comfortable way to keep your baby close to you for that first year.


Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

The Oeuf Classic Crib is the perfect focal point for your nursery, AND it converts into a toddler bed to support your little one’s growth.

Quality & Safety: Oeuf has long been recognized for its ecologically sound, sustainable, modern, and sophisticated baby and child furnishings.

Play Mat

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

The Nook Sleep LilyPad Play Mat, priced at $149, is cushy and cozy, which makes it the perfect place for babies to crawl on their tummies or play as they get older.

Quality & Safety: The Lilypad is filled with a non-toxic and eco-friendly Pete Air Spacer (BPA-free recycled water bottles) and topped with gentle, breathable, and washing machine-friendly Pebble Fabric.

Organic Swaddle

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

The Snuggle Me Organic Swaddle sells for $38. The oversized swaddles are soft, stretchy, and just right for nighttime, a nap, nursing, and beyond.Quality & Safety

This swaddle comes Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, which means it passes both the quality and safety check. Quality baby products that are comfy AND organic? We’ll take two.


Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

When it comes to your baby’s gnawing, this wooden and cotton Loulou Lollipop Bunny Ear Teether, which is priced at $12, is a great, natural remedy for when your baby is teething.

Quality & Safety: The ring is made of beechwood and is conditioned with beeswax and olive oil. The cloth can be dipped in water then chilled in order to deliver additional relief for soreness in your baby’s gums.

Organic Burp Cloths

Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

If this isn’t your first time having a baby, you know you’ll find a million uses for one of these, even beyond burping. This Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Burp Cloth comes in a 5 pack and will run you around $22.95.

Quality & Safety: This baby gear staple is made from organic, soft cotton so that your baby will be safe and sound. It’s also very absorbent.


Your Health Defender’s Handpicked Product

If you’re here, you’re likely naturally-minded or even on the road to becoming more naturally-minded. (Kudos and welcome to the club!) Either way, a glass bottle is a great alternative to plastic. This Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle, priced around $22.30, is a great option.

Quality & Safety: These bottles are crafted out of pharmaceutical-trade glass and are thermal-shock resistant. In other words, they can go from the freezer to the fridge and anywhere in between without shattering. The bottles also feature natural-latch nipples.

In Closing

If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, maybe you don’t want it on your baby. Whether you’re looking for gear that’s chemical-free or products that are easier on the planet AND your baby’s skin, you’ve come to the right place.

I foraged the internet in order to curate the very best safe baby products guide just for you and am confident in the resources I’m offering. I truly hope this safe baby products guide helps you as I know each and every detail means the world when it comes to the quality of care for your little.

As you know, babies need stuff and LOTS of it. These products hold up in the wash and are absolute essentials from the newborn period to age 1. These are the best baby products in terms of quality, safety, and comfort. Who says you can’t have all three?

Make sure to always check reviews when buying products for your bundle of joy. This will help you when comparing products and show you small details that suit your specific preferences, wants, and needs.

Happy shopping, parents-to-be! As a mother myself, I’d love to answer any questions you may have about making healthy decisions in terms of being a parent. As a board-certified holistic health practitioner and certified nutritional consultant, educating others on their health is my biggest passion. I’d love to discuss things further and connect you with any information you need!

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