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Where is your immune system in your body?
About 70% of our immune system is in our gut. The balance of the good and harmful bacteria there is ultimately the decision-maker as to whether your defense system (your immune system), is strong or not. Get this: If your gut flora (bacteria) are out of balance and damaged, it only takes TEN Salmonella bacteria to produce a gastrointestinal infection that can result in diarrhea and a high fever. However, if your gut flora is in balance and strong, it takes more than ONE MILLION of the same Salmonella bacteria to produce a gastrointestinal infection! WHOA! Ten or one million! Follow these tips to beef up your immune system.

1. Eat food with probiotics
The good bacteria in your gut need to be stronger and outnumber the bad bacteria. Taking antibiotics wipes out so much of your good bacteria. This is a common and serious immune defeating issue today. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help reduce inflammation and prevent infection and may reduce the severity of a cold or flu or the coronavirus. Consuming probiotic-rich (organic) fermented foods regularly will achieve support for your good bacteria:

* sauerkraut
* buttermilk
* kefir
* pickles (fermented cucumbers)
* kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage)
* miso (Japanese paste from fermented soybeans)
* kombucha
* tempeh (fermented soy)
* unsweetened yogurts
In addition, you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement daily.

2. Eat foods rich in fiber
Eating healthy high fiber foods, like beans and black-eyed peas can actually nourish your probiotics. Those foods are called prebiotics.

3. Take digestive enzymes
You may benefit from taking digestive enzymes, especially if you are a senior. As we age, most don’t make digestive enzymes as well as we did in our youth.

4. Avoid sugar, grains (which turn into sugar), processed foods and fast foods. These largely feed the bad bacteria in your gut, which deteriorates your immune system.

If you’re concerned about your gut health and maintaining a strong immune system, make sure to add kimchi or sauerkraut to your meals, eat fibrous foods, take digestive enzymes if need be and try to avoid processed and sugary foods.

Waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine?
If this vaccine comes into fruition, I will personally choose to skip it. I have studied vaccines in depth for years and so far, all the current vaccines activate only one half of our immune system, the humoral side that produces antibodies. The cellular side, which is our first line of defense, is not affected nor stimulated. It’s hard to recreate mother nature. When we personally incur a disease, be it the measles or the flu or the COVID-19 virus, 100% of our immune system is activated, particularly if we have a fever (which turns on our immune systems) and the result is normally lifetime protection, lifetime immunity. The current vaccines have a short lifespan. When vaccines entered the market in the 1960s it was believed that they created lifelong protection. We now know that vaccines wane and may last a few years to maybe ten years. Many other concerns exist with vaccines, including the adjuvants like aluminum and the mercury still in flu vaccines. Many other ingredients are known carcinogens. The adverse events reported to the US Government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System included over 500 deaths in 2018 and over 1,427 permanent disabilities, which represents only 1% of the actual numbers, according to the HHS funded Harvard study. There are risks.

Why is the news about Vitamin C helping so much with the Coronavirus not being reported here in the media? After all, if this really does help so many people, why is this not front-page news and top breaking stories on TV? The truth is, there is a deliberate omission of any news of health-saving, life-saving measures when pharma does not benefit. Big pharma cannot patent nutrients, like vitamin C and zinc. Over 70% of the income for most of the mainstream media is from pharmaceutical ads, so mainstream media will not do anything to jeopardize that. Sad but true. In fact, news of nutrition-centered treatment of COVID-19 has been branded “fake news” and “false information” and has been systematically blocked by Facebook and other social media giants. Please continue to think critically for yourself and your family, continue to seek out the truth from reliable sources outside of mainstream media and please share this helpful, lifesaving information with others.

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