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Your Health Defender

An undeniable passion …

No more DIETS, No more LIES. It’s time we know the truth to finally feel empowered to make the best choices for our bodies and lives.

I believe when you are armed with the often shocking facts about our food and environment today and you have the knowledge to adapt consumption to abundantly nourish and fulfill your body you will improve your life measurably. My charge is to both help you understand what is harming you and to bridge the gap to the incremental improvements that will ultimately help you live a more robust, active, and vibrant life. As Your Health Defender, I embrace you wherever you are in your journey and provide support through researched and vetted information, recommendations, and a community of health warriors also pressing forward in their journey to living an enriched and healthy life.

From Your Health Defender

Theresa AuCoin, CHHP, M.ED.

Dear Friend,

I guess you could say that I’m as passionate about truth as I am about health. It’s vital to me that you learn, if nothing else, you are in charge of your health. Your everyday choices dramatically affect your health and wellness be they bad, good, or best. There is so much power in choice.

The available information on health, wellness, and nutrition is overwhelming. In a high-profit industry, not all that information is true. When marketing can appeal to emotion and desire, the opportunity and propensity for deceit grow. I’m here to help sort through that confusion.

You’ll find that I have the necessary qualifications to help people pursue better health. If you researched, you’d learn that I’m a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Nutritional Consultant and well educated on the matters I discuss. (I will list my credentials for you at the end of this letter) While education is important, and I certainly think what I’ve learned is helpful, it’s not the best reason to listen to me. A lot of people are educated and they espouse directives and write prescriptions that frankly, make me mad.

Our bodies are miraculous; a fact that is readily ignored by the medical profession. While I remain grateful for life-saving medications, procedures, and surgeries, I can only shake my head in frustration at the lack of education and aptitude most physicians have for improving health through diet and behaviors.


I am Your Health Defender because there needs to be a buffer.

I hope you’ll listen to me because I will always tell you the truth as I see it. I have not one ulterior motive other than lifting the veil that masks the true story of the agricultural and pharmaceutical Industries true priorities. I’d like you to listen to me because for the first time in YEARS the life expectancy of newborns is declining. I know why and I can share that information with you.

You’ll benefit from listening to me because I have years of experience and countless testimonies from friends, family members, and business associates who’ve had seemingly miraculous success in improving their lives when they’ve learned the truth. Together we will explore how astonishing the human body is when it’s nourished well and treated correctly. You’ll see clearly:

There are solutions to every chronic health issue.
1. You absolutely can heal. Period. But healing will not come from any “prescription.”
2. You can be healthier and more vibrant this year than last year, next year than this year, and the next year more than the prior year, etc. etc.
3. You can become your perfect weight without counting calories.

Finally, the information that I’ll share here on and my social channels can legitimately reverse chronic conditions, pain, and other ailments caused by ill-informed and unknowing choices.
No matter where you are in your journey, the information you’ll learn here can for sure help you, or someone you know or love, in ways I can’t begin to predict.

I’m excited, truly, to be of help, to embolden you with truth and knowledge to not only help you but for you to share what you learn and be an ambassador for others. Together, we can make a profound impact and begin to affect lasting change.



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