CHANGE your HEALTH DESTINY by adding even just ONE of these!

There are 10 substantial health ACTIVATORS that can each have a significant impact on your health!

Whether you utilize one or all ten of these health activators, you will feel a shift in your health and life. If you make ALL 10 of these health activators an integral part of your day-to-day routine, you can expect to move forward toward vibrant health and longevity solidly.

None of these health activators are magic. There is no extra special spin or otherworldly possession that makes these things worthwhile. However, all of these activators do have something in common: they’re easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Some are habits, others supplements, all beneficial to your well-being.

Yep, that’s right! Every one of these things is easy to understand and even easier to utilize.

Prescriptions may increase your longevity, but who wants more meds, more side effects, and then more meds for the side effects? It becomes an endless cycle that we have to pay attention to and find ways to prevent naturally when possible.

The things I want to suggest to you are SIMPLE and POWERFUL health activators that work naturally with your body. These things are meant for your body, to nourish, care and prepare, and their simplicity makes it easy on your schedule, meaning these health activators are genuinely meant for your life. Caring for your body isn’t meant to be complicated.

So take a look at the 10 Fantastic Health Activators.  How many are you already encompassing in your life and your family’s life?  How many more can you take control of and make habitual?

It’s always about making good decisions and taking on good activities to create, perhaps, brand new HABITS.  Did the word HABITS make you uncomfortable?

This is the best description of HABITS I have ever heard –  “We crave what we give ourselves the most.”  WOW oh WOW.  Doesn’t that description empower you?  We CRAVE what we give ourselves the most!  Well, as the CEO of your earth suit, aren’t you in control of what you give yourself?

So how long does it take to form new habits?  Oh, you’ve heard 21 days, right?  Me too.  NOT correct, according to the latest data. This is VERY important to know.

Knowledge IS power.  Know this fact and make it work FOR you. Give yourself a little grace, and gave patience with yourself.  According to researchers in 2009 at the University College of London, to make a new behavior automatic or ingrained takes 66 days.  Yes, 66 days. Over three whole months. Of course, it can happen faster or take longer, but 66 days seems to be the sweet spot.

Awareness: We’re in charge of which direction we move on our Health Continuum

Water: 1/2 body weight in ounces/day

Clean Real Food: Organic, free of pesticides, antibiotics & nitrates

Nature’s Oils: Organic Oils: coconut, olive, avocado, sesame and butter

Move: Walk 30 min/day and/or Rebound

Insurance/Supplements: Probiotics, Vit. D3 + K2, Vit. C, CoQ10, Omega 3

Wellness Options: ACF, Vit. C, Zinc, Vit, D3 + K2, Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Resources: Integrative MD’s, Osteopathic Physicians/DO’s, Functional Medicine, Rubio Clinic in MX,,,

Be Prepared: Take your own healthy “Fast Food” with you