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About this Recipe

By: Theresa AuCoin

This is a fabulous way to get veggies into our diet. Ideally we are supposed to eat 
“seasonally” in our own local areas. So head out to your farmers market, if you can, and purchase one or two of every veggie in site! Or of course, the supermarkets will be an option too. Just PLEASE chose ORGANIC. (None of us need to consume more cancer causing glyphosate or any other chemical pesticide!)

You can roast a bunch, then freeze some for future meals. You’ll LOVE pulling out a helping of these to add to your dinner – or even to cook into a breakfast omelette!


Multiple seasonal vegetables!
Always add whole garlic cloves and cut up onion pieces

Step-by-Step Instructions


Prepare the veggies by scrubbing and cleaning them.

Cut them up into bite size pieces.

Coat with Olive Oil

Season with Himalayan Salt and white pepper, garlic powder and whatever additional seasonings you like. You can try Italian seasonings for a batch, and then perhaps Thai seasoning for another. You can even barbecue them!

I add string beans and/or anything leafy after the firmer veggies are at least halfway done

Roast! Delicious!