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What is the #1 Way to Improve Health?

What is the #1 Way to Improve Health?

The #1 way to improve health is to start at the top!

To get started on your fantastic health journey, we must start at the top.  What’s at the top? Our brain. Our thinking. Our attitudes. Our beliefs. Here’s a fact:  Our cells listen to every thought we have. If we have limiting and negative thoughts, we can cause our cells to literally lock up.  When you are under stress, don’t you feel like you are sort of “locked up” or paralyzed to some extent? You might feel stuck. It’s actually very real.  When our cells lock up, they can no longer receive the good nutrients coming their way. Plus they can no longer excrete their toxins effectively. Although how we think may not seem very relevant to our physical health, it absolutely is, perhaps more than anything else!  The 100 trillion cells in your body are listening to every thought you have and are feeling every feeling you feel. So, the #1 way to improve your health is, no doubt, to start with how you think.

You may question just how much can any given belief be impactful to your health.  Think about how placebos work. One group of people are given a real treatment and the other group is given a sugar pill, or placebo.  No one knows which group they are in. So often the placebo group experiences improvements in health and even the disappearance of symptoms.  Powerful, right? The ‘Placebo Effect” proves conclusively that our thinking can indeed affect physical results.

My number one recommendation to improve our beliefs and our thinking is to consistently expose ourselves to the world of personal development.  I remember decades ago when I did not even know what that term, “personal development,” meant. My first reaction, as I began to learn what it meant, was one of insult.  I thought that others must think I wasn’t good enough if they thought I needed improvement with “personal development” – after all, was I not developed just fine already?  WOW, what a limiting belief I had! I have come to, over the past few decades, to emphatically LOVE and appreciate the world of personal development. In fact, intentionally exposing myself to the great books, audios, and articles on personal development have been essential for me to journey toward my fuller capacities, including experiencing fantastic health. I invite you on this rewarding journey!  It’s a critical beginning to improve health in any way.

In John Maxwell’s powerful book, No Limits, he states “What stops people from reaching their capacity often isn’t lack of desire.  It’s usually lack of awareness. Unfortunately, people don’t become self-aware accidentally.” We’re going to need to expand greatly on “awareness” – way beyond self-awareness.  When you are brave enough to wake up and become “aware” you can begin to experience empowerment and freedom to know and feel and claim fantastic health like you never have before.  This website is designed to guide you to important and crucial awarenesses, each being essential to you making the best choices to journey toward your personal world of not just attempting to improve health but to transition to absolutely fantastic health.

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What are your philosophies today regarding health?  Perhaps you have never paused to even think about this.  Did you know that where you are today in your health, like right now, is due to the sum of your choices up to now?  Let’s break this down. In every area of your life, (healthy/unhealthy, wealthy/poor, great relationships/awful relationships, etc.) where you are today has been dictated by the actions you have taken; and the actions you have taken were dictated by the attitudes you have held in those areas; and your attitudes were determined by your philosophies in each of those areas?  See, our choices don’t just happen haphazardly. There are always patterns and those patterns are the result of your innate philosophies.

For example, let’s say in the area of your relationships, you have philosophies that include things like: making sure you always listen to your partner/friends; that you put your family first; that you intentionally build trust; that you always try to do what you say you’ll do; that you say please and thank you frequently and very often ask if there is ever anything else you can do for your partner/friends.  Those are powerful philosophies that would lead to you having a really positive attitude dealing with your partner/friends, which would, in turn, lead you to fairly consistently saying and doing the things that build trust and appreciation, which would result in you having great and growing relationships with your partner and friends. On the other hand, if someone else never even thought about what they wanted their relationships to be like, then their attitude and actions might be very unpredictable, very inconsistent.  Or they might be consistently building mistrust, often not doing what they said they would do. That person, not having established any philosophies about building relationships, would not be grounded in building relationships. They would likely be driven more by “pleasing the crowd” or just “looking good” or not caring much, which would lead, as you can imagine, to very bumpy and unsatisfying relationships. You know people like this, right? Taking time to establish philosophies can drive you EASILY to make the best decisions for yourself, in every area of your life, including your health.  So this is important to start with.

Philosophies – Attitudes – Actions – Results = TODAY, WHERE WE ARE in Health, Finances, Relationships, Spiritual, Etc.

I’m going to ask you to slow down and consider taking on and owning these powerful philosophies regarding your health – to be healthy, completely free of disease, full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking, and at the perfect weight:

  • I deserve to be healthy, completely free of all disease, and full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking and at the perfect weight.
  • My body has the innate ability to be healthy, completely free of all disease, and full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking and at the perfect weight.
  • I am willing to learn what it takes for me to be healthy, completely free of all disease, and full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking and at the perfect weight.
  • I am acting on what I learn so that I can be healthy, completely free of all disease, and full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking and at the perfect weight.
  • I am sharing my journey to healthiness and longevity with others to inspire and empower them on their journey.


Are you beginning to see how the #1 way to improve health is to start at the top, with your own internal thoughts? 

I suspect that the one philosophy here you may have the most difficult time taking ownership of is #2: My body has the innate ability to be healthy, completely free of all disease, and full of vitality, exuberance, clear thinking and at the perfect weight.  So let’s dig into this for a minute. It’s vital that you really know this is true. Your body wants to heal, wants to serve you with superior health. When a person breaks their arm, what makes it heal? A prescription? No. Just the human body. Here’s another question:  Does any human body ever have a deficiency of prednisone? Or aspirin? Or Prozac? Or a statin? OK, this may be going a little fast for you, but the sooner you believe in and appreciate and have faith in your own God-given “earth suit,” the quicker you’ll move toward your superb health goals.  What if there is a way to support your journey toward fantastic health in a natural way, with great positive side effects? That may be exactly why you are reading this. Good move.

It’s not your genes.  I asked attendees at one of my seminars at what age did they predict they would die and why?  Everyone wrote their answers down. One young man’s answers surprised me. In his mid-twenties that day, he predicted he would die by age 52 from heart disease because his dad and grandfather did.  He seemed so positive about this. When I explained that the study of epigenetics has proven that we each have the power to turn off and on those genetic predispositions, it was very empowering to this young man, as it should be to all of us.  It’s not the genes, it’s the lifestyle choices we make, the foods we consume, the foods we don’t consume, the sleep we get, the sleep we don’t get, etc. We’ll get into all this to empower you with the important knowledge to make those lifestyle choices that help turn off your “bad” genes.

Please know and believe 100% that taking care of yourself and your own health is not selfish.  Moms – your family needs you in good health. Dads – exactly the same. Do your friends need you in good health?  At your place of work, don’t they need you in good health? Isn’t acting to improve your health excellent stewardship?  Were you not put on this earth to help others and to use your gifts? How can you do that if you are sick, if you are carrying around way too many extra pounds, if your health is shot, or if you are dead?  Are you ready to get started? I am!

AFFIRMATION:  My body has the capacity and the will to be fantastically healthy now and in the future, and I am joyfully and intentionally on the journey to create this for myself.

Resource Recommendations:

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale


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