For a Healthy Gut, a Healthy Heart, a Healthy Weight,
Lowering Inflammation, and For Energy and Vitality

Follow up to the “I BELIEVE” Health & Wellness Seminar

Food is INFORMATION, not just calories.  The foods and liquids we consume are either generating good health or bad health.  It’s amazing and even exciting when we realize how much we are in control of our health today, of our healing and our future health.  Most of our MD’s approach health with the “acute sickness solution,” which usually includes a diagnosis and a prescription.  Yes, this is very important with acute sickness, but it’s obviously not been effective in preventing or treating chronic disease, which we here in the US sadly lead the world in. 

So here is a wake up question:  Would you consider going to McDonald’s and ordering a double cheeseburger, large fries, and shake….and taking it home to feed to your dog or cat, several times a week?  I kind of doubt that you’d do that.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) has over the last half a century, numbed us down into making really bad food choices, BUT, I’m here to tell you that it is NOT all your fault.  In fact, because we Americans DID listen to the medical community and even our government, for the last 60 years, we have been obediently consuming low fat foods, and we have replaced saturated fats with vegetable oils, as we were told to do.  This advice has turned out to be the worst health advice ever given to us.  There is NO science that shows that a low fat diet including vegetable oils is anything but a bad bad idea.  As a result, we have created a population of obesity, diabetics, and heart disease and more.  Here is the truth:  We must eat healthy fats to get thin and healthy.  We must eat healthy fats to have a healthy gut.  Eating healthy fat does NOT make us fat, nor does it clog up our arteries. For most of us, this is FANTASTIC news!  So butter is back!  YIPPEE!

  Yes, eating animal products, in limited quantities, CAN BE GREAT for us!  But they also, can be HORRIBLE for our health.  WHY?  Because you and I are not just “what we eat,” we are “what the animal ate.”  Traditional factory farmed animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc.) are fed grains with added antibiotics and hormones, which make the animals grow big and fat FAST.  Every time we eat a steak, hamburger, chicken, egg, etc., we are consuming those antibiotics and hormones, which GUESS WHAT?  They make you and me fat too!  No wonder most people have serious issues with their weight!  God did not design our animals to eat grain!  Would you feed your dog or cat just cereal/grain every day?  Crazy, right?!?  So those poor inhumanely treated animals are full of grain (genetically modified grain also full of pesticides), plus antibiotics and hormones, and so their flesh and eggs and milk are full of all of that and high amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids, which is VERY VERY inflammatory!  This is VERY irritating to your precious GUT!

The good news is that healthy humanely treated animals produce fat healthy products for us, full of the badly needed Omega 3 fatty acids. 

So here are some recommendations to help you have a healthy heart, healthy gut, low inflammation, great blood sugar and tons of energy & vitality.