How would you feel if someone secretly slipped a few drops of a mind-altering, powerful hunger initiator, craving increaser, addictive – magic potion – in 80% of all the foods and drinks you consume today and tomorrow, and the next day?

Did you think that the only reason you can’t put that bag of chips down, or eat just one helping is just that you don’t have discipline? NO NO NO! Sure that may be a part of what’s going on – but there IS magic potion in 80% of all modern day foods that I promise you, is making you HUNGRY! It’s even in many toddler foods! And that magic potion is, among many other things, making us all hungry when we really should NOT be. It’s even making us CRAVE foods!

Do you think this just might have something to do with the fact that we in this country are becoming MORE and MORE OBESE?

So, WHAT THE HECK is this magic potion than neither you nor I ever asked for?

WHY is this INVADER put into 80% of our modern day foods?

It’s called MSG / MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE and it is an EXCITOTOXIN !!!. Very simply, when you consume it, some of your brain cells are stimulated, and they swell because they are excited from this stimulant.(yes, similar to other body parts that may get excited and/or stimulated but you won’t like the end to this story). By the way, we get ADDICTED to this feeling of excitement and stimulation in our brain, creating the cravings and hunger we don’t otherwise deserve to feel. BUT, the horrible ending for these stimulated brain cells happens several hours later. Those excited brain cells actually commit suicide and are DEAD! It’s like they were literally excited to death.

Yes, it happens EVERY time we consume MSG! Think about it! Unless you are intentionally avoiding this, you are probably eating it all day long every day! If you are, some of your brain cells, are committing suicide every day! And you are experiencing hunger and cravings when you should NOT be!

So, WHY THE HECK is MSG in so many of our food products?

I’m sure you are thinking, DUH – That’s pretty obvious. You are right. The food industry wants nothing more than for you to CRAVE more of their food products. An interesting marketing ploy, at the sacrifice of our brain cells, the increase in obesity, and more.

So the food industry LOVES MSG. It enhances their food flavors and best of all (for the food industry) it is going to make you want MORE and MORE and MORE of it.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Are you saying there is no way the FDA would allow this to happen? If it’s really that serious, it wouldn’t be allowed in our foods, would it?



Numerous diseases and maladies have been directly connected to the ingestion of MSG. Just a few are: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, ALS, migraine headaches, strokes, brain injury, seizures, to name a few. Do you know anyone with any of those illnesses? Yes, MSG could have been a stimulator in any of these illnesses developing! They are probably still consuming it every day! In addition to affecting adults, developing babies and developing children are at serious risk for neurological issues resulting from MSG ingestion. Could this be a factor in ADHD?Autism? Many experts do think so.

In Dr. Russell Blaylock’s book, EXCITOTOXINS, he lists the following HIDDEN SOURCES OF MSG, and there are a ton of them! l add them at the bottom of this article for you.

So WHAT can we do? Get angry? Sure but that won’t help. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Start ASKING at restaurants if they add it to their food.
  2. For goodness sake, THROW OUT YOUR CONTAINER OF ACCENT – which is PURE MSG.
  3. And start reading labels. Protect your kids and family and yourself! Chose Organic whenever you can.

THIS WILL HELP YOU CONTROL YOUR HUNGER! And will SAVE your BRAIN from suicide missions and help prevent a long list of potential future diseases!

And, while you’re at it, start looking for Aspartame too and all the other fake sugars, because guess what? They are all EXCITOTOXINS too! Yep, while you are trying to cut down on calories, using splenda, equal, etc. you are MAKING YOURSELF HUNGRIER and killing some of your brain cells!


This information is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and is not a substitute for regular medical care. Results can vary.