It’s important for us all to understand why some people are taking the vaccine and some are not.  It should be a personal decision and made with no judgement of others.  Medical freedom is a right to each of us in America.

Some people easily decided to take the vaccine out of fear of the covid illness and faith in the vaccines.  Some decided to take it because of the heavy promotion of it including rewards of money or food or other benefits.  Others reluctantly took the shots because they felt pressured to do so to keep their jobs and/or to be able to travel.  Some felt they were helping humanity by doing their part.

Some of those who declined the shot had confidence in their own immune systems and recognized that the illness has a 99% survival rate for most people.  Some people know that there are effective treatments for covid19, although effective treatments are being suppressed.  Some realized that there have been massive adverse events reported after these vaccines to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and consider the risk to be larger than the possible benefit.  Currently there have been 650,075 reports of adverse events, through August 23, 2021, including almost 14,000 deaths and over 18,000 permanently disabled.  Knowing that only 25 people had to die from the swine flu vaccine before it was pulled makes this situation more than concerning, but that was before vaccine makers were given freedom of liability in 1986.

In addition, some people know about the Harvard study done for HHS which showed that only 1% of adverse events get reported to VAERS.   So we should really add two zeros to those reported adverse event numbers, making the risks even greater.

CURRENT DEATHS & INJURIES reported in VAERS:  (regularly updated)

Many are aware of whistle blowers risking so much to get the truth out.  “Tom Renz announces filing Federal papers for an insider whistleblower reporting 45K deaths from the Covid 19 vaccine”

Some of those who declined the shot are aware of much concerning information not being reported on mainstream medias at all, and being censored on social medias.

Many are aware that deaths from the covid virus are inflated. People have learned that hospitals receive major bucks for each covid death and each covid ventilated patient, resulting in many death certificates denoting covid as the reason for death, although the patient really died of other problems.   (I personally know of families who had to jump through hoops to get the death certificate of their loved one CORRECTED because it was NOT COVID that they died from.)  So logically thinking, if a substantial number of covid deaths were not in fact due to covid, some ask has there really been a pandemic? Attorney Thomas Renz comments are here.

Also, many people are aware that “natural immunity” is far more robust than whatever the shots can do.  When you get the virus BOTH SIDES of your immune system go to work, resulting in far more robust immunity than the shot, with the ability to recognize and respond to all the covid variants.  To promote and even insist that those with natural immunity still must get the shots makes many people skeptical.

Some people are aware that the CDC acknowledged recently on their website that the PCR tests do not differentiate between the flu and covid.  But the tests are to be continued being used through December, until the new test comes out, so all the “case numbers” cannot be valid.  Yes, people do get covid, but NOT the number being reported, especially those with no symptoms. This explains why there were no flu deaths last year.  They were all labelled covid.  Plus the directives as to how to use the PCR tests is manipulated.  Put the cycles up to 40 to get false positives, and lower it to 20 to get less positives.

Some logically question why our government is not promoting more healthy lifestyles since comorbidities like obesity are such a large factor in how people are negatively affected by covid.  If this was truly about health, wouldn’t this be a focus, helping and encouraging people to chose healthier foods, instead of bribing people with donuts and French fries to take the shot?

Many people are aware of the mounting lawsuits, making them even more skeptical of taking the shot.

1000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors have filed a lawsuit for violations of the Nuremberg code.

Attorney Michael Green represents 1,200 first responders – vaccine killed 45,000 people. 

Frontline doctors filed motion to stop FDA authorization of covid vaccines for CHILDREN. Children are at a statistically zero risk for covid-19.

 Attorney Renz 

Many people are questioning if the vaccines really work, since it is now acknowledged that vaccines do not prevent transmission.  So people now are listening to the claim that vaccines make symptoms milder, and questioning this.

Some people are aware that there are countless examples of the shots not working:

Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being ‘Vaccinated’

August 5, 2021 – How 350 vaccinated people caught COVID-19 in huge Cape Cod outbreak

Aug. 2, 2021 – The Effectiveness of the Vaccine is Fading in 95 Percent of Severe COVID Patients, According to an Israeli Hospital Director

Israel: There is no Difference Between Those Who Have Been Vaccinated and Those Who Have not Been Vaccinated; Both are at Risk of Getting COVID

Insanity Rules in the U.S. as Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Vaccinated “Breakthrough” Cases Surge While Health Authorities blame the “Unvaccinated”  

July 27, 2021 – Here the W. Virginia governor, Jim Justice, is talking about the covid cases in his hospitals.

Some people are aware of our governmental agencies being “captured agencies” heavily influenced by the industries and companies they are supposed to be regulating, resulting in a lack of trust. The CDC owns over 50 vaccine patents and makes about half its budget by buying, promoting and selling vaccines.  The NIH has employees who worked on certain vaccines and personally receive up to $150K a year in royalties.  There is a revolving door between heads off these governmental agencies and the industries they are supposed to be monitoring. For example, former FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, resigned to take on a role at Pfizer, gaining a cash bonus and stock options which doubled his income.  Julie Gerberding, a former director of the CDC, joined Merck as president of their vaccine division, going from $250K in salary to $2,500,000 a year.  While she was director of the CDC one of the many things she did was to fast-track Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine to recommended status, winning much appreciation from Merck.

Many are aware that the pharmaceutical companies have very questionable histories.  Moderna never produced an approved product prior to the covid vaccine.  Pfizer has paid billions in fines for illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.  Johnson & Johnson has been named in 100’s of 1000’s of lawsuits for toxic and/or dangerous products, including drugs, shampoos, medical equipment, and asbestos-contaminated baby powder.  Pfizer had paid $4.7 Billion in fines for false claims, off-label promotion, corrupt practices, kick backs and bribery. Realizing all this creates distrust in these entities.

Therefore, since there is no true “informed consent” applied to the covid vaccine inoculations, it makes sense that those who learn of concerning information would be hesitant or even determined to not participate in the covid vaccine experiment.  However, it makes sense for those who do not know any of this information and who only receive their information from the very controlled media, to believe in the safeness and effectiveness of the covid vaccines.  No judgement. Our decisions are based on what we know, what we believe, and what we feel. Let’s all be understanding of each other.